Private Sessions

Private Sessions are the perfect way to get one on one individualized training. We cover everything from basic to advanced obedience to various behavioral issues.

In Home Sessions Available

Dog Training

Real World Training, Immediate Results!

Packages are customizable to suit your personal needs, the best program for you will be discussed during our consultation.
Prong and E-collar Purchased separately.

Puppy Program (2 - 4) Months (4 Sessions)

This is a very crucial stage in a puppy's development, they are absorbing everything like little sponges! It's very important to avoid any traumatic/negative experiences at this age, as it can really impact the dogs future behavior. It is very important to provide your puppy with proper socialization, build confidence and expose your puppy to new things creating positive experiences.
Curriculum Includes: House breaking / crate training, Engagement/Marker Training, proper socialization & Introduction to sit, down, place, loose leash walking & confidence building.

Investment - $935 (HST included)

The Perfect Walk (3 Sessions)

This program is designed to elimimate pulling on the leash, no more being dragged down the street by your dog!
Curriculum Includes: Loose Leash Walking, Minor/Moderate reactivity
Final Session will take place in busy crowded area with lots of distractions.
Investment - $725 (HST included)

That Off Leash Life (6 sessions) - E-Collar Required

This program includes everything in the Basic Obedience package plus a reliable OFF leash recall.
Curriculum Includes: Loose Leash Walking, Off Leash Recall, Place Command, Sit & manners in the home. Also Includes Behavioral Issues such as minor/moderate reactivity, Jumping, Mouthing, Picking Things up off the ground, Counter Surfing etc

Investment - $1325 (HST included)

Ultimate Off Leash Life (10 Sessions) - E-Collar Required

This is the perfect package if you're looking for your perfect hiking partner!
Curriculum Includes: Loose Leash Walking, Off Leash Heel, Sit, down, Sit Stay / Duration Down Stay, Marker Charging and Release Queues, Duration Place, Out Command & Off Leash Recall. We also tackle Behavioral Issues such as Reactivity, Jumping, Mouthing, Picking Things up off the Ground, Counter Surfing, Separation Anxiety, etc

Investment - $1895 (HST included)

Behavioral Modification/Pay as you go (Single Session)

Customizable to suit you and your dogs particular needs. Everything from Counter Surfing, Jumping, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, etc.

Investment - $275 (HST Included)

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