Frequently Asked Questions
What is Balanced Dog Training?

Balanced Dog Training is the use of “Yes” and “No” Markers. This creates a clear picture for the dog of what we want and don’t want them to do. The tools I use include prong collars, E-collars, slip leads, treats, Place cots and crates. These tools allow us to provide the dog with clear communication on what our expectations are. My philosophy is that that all dogs deserve freedom to run off leash (when appropriate). My training style allows for dogs to be able to have the freedom they deserve, while allowing the owner to have full control. A dog who listens and is reliable gets to go more places and enjoy the world!

Will my dog be scared or hurt by the prong or e-collar?

Nope! When used correctly, they are simply a means of communication for you and your dog.  Everything is taught using low level e-collar stimulation, which feels like a barely there tap on the shoulder! 


Higher levels on the E-collar are used once the dog is fluent and knows what is being asked, higher levels are uncomfortable, but when properly used as a corrective measure stop unwanted behaviors and create reliability.  Dogs are returned to shelters and or hit by cars, over such simple behavioral issues which can be fixed very quickly. 

Will my dog be fully trained after the training program?

Training is never done, dogs are not robots and you will have to maintain your dogs training through out their life. At the end of the program your dog will have a solid foundation and understand all the concepts, however you will by responsible to uphold the dogs training, if you don’t hold them accountable, they will regress. Training is a lifestyle!  My job is to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to work through issues and help your dog succeed and live their best life!

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