Why you should invest in e-collar training for your dog?

This Is Why

Clear Communication

Proper e-collar training is done with low-level stim (not painful) provides clarity to your dog of what is being asked of them and takes away any “grey” areas in your communication Dogs thrive on leadership and need clear communication, being their leader is key to ensuring a healthy balanced relationship with your dog.

Stop Bad Behaviour

Once your dog understands what the e-collar communication means through proper training, it’s one of the best tools to be able to say “NO” to your dog and stop unwanted behaviors immediately.


Off Leash Freedom

There is no other tool in the world that allows you to “touch” your dog from a distance. This is the only tool which will allow you to truly have a 100% off leash reliable dog who listens and is reliable in their recall. Squirrel or not, your dog will come when called!

Dogs are not perfect robots

Even the most fully trained dog in the world can make a mistake, the e-collar is your safety back up, in the event something ever happens, you are prepared.

It can save your dogs life

I can’t tell you the countless stories I hear of dogs being hit by cars, running into traffic to chase an animal or chase the car itself. The e-collar can very literally save your dogs life in these situations.

Have a dog you can take anywhere

Who doesn’t want a dog they can take everywhere with them, whether it be for a fun beach day, or a Sunday afternoon on a patio. The e-collar unlocks freedom to having a well behaved dog you can take with you anywhere you please.

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