We offer a variety of different dog training services and have something for everyone, depending on your goals and requirements. Which Service is right for you?

Walk and Train

Want a little extra than just a regular Walk? If so, then our Walk and Train Program is perfect for you. Your dog will get a 1 hour walking session with training. It’s a daily boot camp for your dog! Your dog will learn, proper leash walking skills, obedience commands and can even include off leash training! Packages can be purchased as induvial sessions or packages for 4

Dog Training Services

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are perfect for those that want to be heavily involved in the training process with their dog. Training is excellent to build your relationship and bond with your dog. If you are choosing to do private sessions, be prepared for lots of homework between sessions! We have  packages which are the best bang for you buck, or if you just want to be able to walk your dog on a leash, we have a 60 min boot camp class, no more pulling guaranteed!

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