The World of Difference K9 Story

Robyn - Founder and Dog Trainer

I discovered my passion for dog training since getting my high drive female Doberman, Leela. She challenged me in every way and really put me through the ringer!

My Journey began 5 years ago, from an early age Leela was very nervous and reactive and I didn’t know what to do! Despite spending thousands of dollars with countless trainers, I still struggled. Eventually I found a good balanced trainer, who not only trained Leela, but also trained ME. After that moment everything changed!

Leela is now a well balanced dog who I can bring anywhere with me!

I understand the emotional pain of having a dog you can’t even take for a walk. I don’t want you to suffer anymore, you deserve to enjoy your dog!

Finally, after 15 years in the corporate world, I made a full time career change to a life as a professional dog trainer! 

Last year I completed my apprenticeship at K9 Academy. Additionally, I have also shadowed with some of the best trainers in the city, attended seminars by world renown trainers and taken hundreds of hours of online training courses.

My promise to you – I will provide transparent, no BS training solutions and a clear and easy plan to follow to ensure success with you and your dog! All of my clients notice immediate results just after the first sessions!


My Approach

All four quadrants are used when training dogs, Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment and Positive Punishment.  Everything is taught to the dog using positive reinforcement and low level e-collar to provide clarity to the dog. Positive Punishment (Corrections) are used to stop unwanted behaviors and hold the dog accountable once they’re well versed in what we are asking of them. 

I am a firm believer in the e-collar as it’s the only tool on the planet that allows you to “speak” to your dog from over 1/2 mile away. This tool allows your dog to be truly off leash reliable in any situation and gives your dog the freedom they deserve.

A huge part of the training program is to encourage play with your dog in different locations. Many bad behaviors are fueled my lack of fulfilment and overall insecurity. Breed fulfillment is crucial to having a well balanced dog.

Insecure/Nervous dogs won’t play or take food when they’re scared, by training and playing with your dog in various new locations, you will build confidence in your dog over time, which will lead to a more secure balanced dog who is less likely to be as reactive.

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